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Based on science & common sense, Eearth is an integrated system
of belief, knowledge & practice that is devoted to sustainability
& happiness. Join the Eearth People today.

Eearth Beliefs

The biosphere is sacred, and the role of humans on Earth is to ensure the protection of her natural biological systems, and to foster global happiness for the Long Future.

Eearth's Rule of Thumbs

A Long Future awaits us, maybe

Our planet will be habitable for another 1-2 billion years if we don't damage it. To enjoy this Long Future, we need to stop damaging the natural living systems of Earth, and start regrowing them.


Life has existed on our planet for over three billion years, and it will survive for another two billion years, beyond which time our Sun will grow old and die.

While we humans have been here for just a little while, we could enjoy this Long Future, but only if we protect the natural biological systems of this planet, upon which we depend.

We ought to do this because it is sensible and rational, but also because the living systems created us.

The biosphere - the thin veil of life - it's our Eearth Mother; it is sacred - the environment moves in and out of us with every breath.

We ought also to create a world that gives people the opportunity to be the best that they want to be - a world that is efficient and fair and happy.

We are all in this together.

Whether we succeed or fail will depend on how many people choose to play a role in protecting the natural environment and helping to make our planet a happy place to be.

These ideas have been around for decades, but people have been slow to act.

So, it falls upon our generation to get into action.

Time is not on our side and every day that we delay the inevitable change, the less likely will be our success.

So, the change must start today.

The change starts now.



Natural living systems are sacred

The biosphere is our mother, we came from her, we are made of the environment and she moves in and out of us with every breath. we must revere nature as sacred, cele brate her natural cycles.


Happiness is a human right

Around the world, millions of people are sad because they are not free or they are poor. We ought to work towards a world that is fair and gives poeple the opportunity to be the best that they want to be.


We're all in this together

A changing climate affects us all and we all affect it. Everyone can play a role in protecting the environment and helping to make our planet happier. Similarly, if the environment is degraded to the point that it can no longer support us, we all perish together


Time is not on our side

We have squandered 60 years procrastinating about sustainability. Every day we delay the transformation to a zero carbon, sustainable economy, it gets harder to do.