Based on belief, knowledge & practice,
Eearth is a new counter-culture for the Anthropocene
devoted to environmental sustainability & well-being for all.

Are you able to complete this sentence?

My name is.................. and I am the part of nature that........................

What Eearth Offers

Understand the Earth Systems to protect Spiritual growth through Ecological Self
The Powerful Trends that shape the future
Answers to the Big Questions of life
Exciting new Business Opportunities

What's happening on Eearth?

Plankton Meditation

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It is unfortunate but true that none of the 'advanced' cultures on Earth are anywhere close to being sustainable.

Our world is full of energy- & material-hungry humans who are living well beyond the capacity of this planet to provide.

Fortunately, through simple and small efforts, it is possible to bring about great change in the complex system that we have created.

Eearth Culture provides a set of tools that can be used by any culture to help foster a society for the Long Future - one in which the environment is protected, and the people are content.

Once these two conditions are met - sustainability and happiness - humans and all the other species can just get on with living.

Eearth is secular, pluralistic and open system of belief, knowledge and practice that can be adopted by anyone, irrespective of their race, faith or profession.

So, join the Eearth People today and help foster a healthy planet for happy people for the Long Future.

Eearth Culture - an exciting new reason to live.

A Lesson in Plankton Humility

Become Enlightened About Today's World
The word 'enlightenment' means to learn the reality of something. Reality is not an abstract concept, or something broadly open to opionion. Instead, it is rooted in the real world, the objective world of what is. And 'what is' is pretty scary, and also pretty exciting, at the same time. Understandably, some people will be apprehensive about learning about how things really are. But, from knowing the truth of things comes the power of being able to manage them, and share your enlightenment with others. From enlightenment come personal empowerment.
Find an Exciting Mission in Life
In a world that is rapildy shifting to a new state, there are many, many new opportunities arising. Many new challenges call for people to step forward and take the lead.
Achieve Personal Growth
Expanding the scope of the things that we identify with and have concern for gives us more opportunities to discover our hidden talents, new parts of our psyches and capabilities. When you bring the entire biosphere and human civilization into your circle of concern, you can'thelp but grow.
Discover Global Trends That Shape the Future
We hear about electric and driverless cars, solar and wind as key driving forces, but what about the relationship between seasurface temparture and phytoplankton biomass - that's not so frequently discussed, and yet portends much greater change for civilization that technological developments. Learn about the big biophysical trends that underpin all the others.
Find Your Ecological Self
Can you complete this sentence: Hi, my name is............, I am the part of nautrue that............ itself? When you find your ecological self, you identify with that part of nature that you most resonate with as an agent of positive change. You may move from being the part of nature that destroys itself, to the part of nature that protects itself.
Get Answers to Life Big Questions
Using science, Buddhism and common sense as guides, Eearth answers the big questions with need to reference religious viewpoints. Where did life originate. Where did we humans come from. Why are we here. What happens to us, after we die. These questions and more are definitively answered in a frame that foster environmental sustainability and human wellbeing.
Meet Like Minded People
One of Eearth's practices is to 'look out for fellow Eearth People'. Look out for, iun this sense means protect the interests of and seek them out. Eearth People gain strength in their numbers. Through Eearth, you will meet people who share interests in a fact-based assessment of the world that fosters enlightenment and understanding.
Find New Business Ventures
Transition to sustainable future entails an enormous amount of commerce. Replacing three billion internal engines, 300 million tonnes per annum of petroleum based plastic, and 96 million barrels of crude oil a day with algae biofuels, are the achors of a global transformation in which trillions of dollars will change hands for goods and services, and millions of new brands will be formed.
Find Pathways to Contentment
Eearth Culture has two principal goals: environmental sustainability, and human wellbeing, a key part of which is happiness. We are advised by Positive Psychology and the three part of happiness that puts happiness into hyperdrive.
Partake in Ceremonies that Celebrate Nature
Eearth Full-Moon events are held every 28 days, anywhere in the world where the sky is visible. Eearth New Year, on 16 July, is a celebration not to be missed and celebrates - with a bang - the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch.
Discover How to Save the Planet*
Of course, saving the planet, as an expression is just plain wrong. Nonetheless, Eearth's helps people understand the nine big Earth systems that need to be protected if we humans are to enjoy a Long Future on this planet. Protect these nine Planetary Boundaries, and Save the Planet*.
Learn About Issues of Transition & Collapse
You can't prepare for what you don't know. So, part of Eearth's curriculum for the Long Future is a frank appraisal of the inevitability of collapse. Will collapse be deep and fatal collapse, or shallow and benign, no one knows, but being versed in the subject is cruicial for being prepared for what comes next. What also comes next is some sort of transition. Again, slow or fast, it's unclear, but it has already started. Get into the game by getting knowledgeable on these critical new phenomena.