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An exciting new reason to live

Eearth is a new counterculture
that is based on belief, knowledge & practice
devoted to environmental sustainability & well-being for all.

What Eearth Offers

Understand the Earth Systems to protect Spiritual growth through Ecological Self
The Powerful Trends that shape the future
Answers to the Big Questions of life
Exciting new Business Opportunities

Join the Eearth People

It is unfortunate but true that none of the 'advanced' cultures on Earth are anywhere close to being sustainable.

Our world is full of energy- & material-hungry humans who are living well beyond the capacity of this planet to provide.

Fortunately, through simple and small efforts, it is possible to bring about great change in the complex system that we have created.

Eearth Culture provides a set of tools that can be used by any culture to help foster a society for the Long Future - one in which the environment is protected, and the people are content.

Once these two conditions are met - sustainability and happiness - humans and all the other species can just get on with living.

Eearth is secular, pluralistic and open system of belief, knowledge and practice that can be adopted by anyone, irrespective of their race, faith or profession.

So, join the Eearth People today and help foster a healthy planet for happy people for the Long Future.

Eearth Culture - an exciting new reason to live.

Eearth Culture workshop

Brisbane 20 May 2017

- Shows you exciting new business opportunities

- Offers a pathway to spiritual & personal growth

- Fosters knowledge, passion, & happiness

- Enlightens you about the ‘Big Questions’

- You can become an agent of change for good

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